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Imaginary Life is an informal network of creative thinkers and doers that was founded in Osaka in 1996.

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Nordic by Nature e-book

With thanks to Hyo Jung Lee for creating the e-book Nordic by Nature. New voices on deep ecology; Arne Naess in the 21st century. Please download the e-book here: LARGE Nordic By Nature_E_Book You can make a donation to our … Continue reading

Nordic By Nature, on deep ecology

Nordic By Nature started in 2016 as a research, content and editing partner for environmental experts publishing globally relevant content on Ecology Today. A side product of this work resulted in 26 interviews and 11 podcast episodes, inspired by Arne … Continue reading

The Foundation for the Contemplation of Nature

Imaginary Life works closely with the Foundation for the Contemplation of Nature on ongoing research and conference papers into Wellbeing. The Foundation for the Contemplation of Nature offers experience-based Resilient Leadership courses and workshops. It’s headquarters are based in a … Continue reading