Nordic by Nature e-book

NORDIC BY NATURE, NEW VOICES ON DEEP ECOLOGY TODAY, ARNE NAESS IN THE 21ST CENTURY is a free e-book of podcast transcripts. The activists interviewed in the podcast were not chosen because of their ability to follow their inner voice, and how they have repeatedly set aside opportunities for material gain to follow a lifelong journey of transformation.

Accordingly, the interviews are also more focussed on what inspires them to do what they do; how they translate their values into their work and why they continue to have hope.

The podcast series and book has been made with the support of many people. We would like to send heartfelt thanks to all the guests who appeared on the Nordic By Nature podcast and continued to support us in the making of this book.

Thanks go to all those who made this project possible, including project manager Uffe Ljungberg, and sound artist Diego Losa ( who worked on the podcasts.

Many thanks to Harriet Salisbury and Suchitra Awasthi for their help checking all the English texts, and to Juan Bascuñan at Planeta Sostenible, José Miguel Infante Velasco and Felipe Del Real in Chile (www. for undertaking the huge task of publishing this book in Spanish. Many thanks also to artist, photographer and graphic designer Paula Andreu Nadal in Spain for helping with the graphic layout of the Spanish version of this book. ( Many thanks go to graphic designer Hyo Jung Lee ( for creating the original design template for this e-book.

You download the e-book here for free: LARGE Nordic By Nature_E_Book

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Nordic by Nature was created in association with the Foundation for the Contemplation of Nature, and its headquarters, the Vrikshalaya Centre ( All content is protected with a Creative Commons license. The book and podcasts, Nordic By Nature. New voices on deep ecology; Arne Naess in the 21st century, are licensed by Imaginary Life AB under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0. To view a copy of this license, visit Creative Commons.

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