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Pattern recognition – Crip time

What is Crip Time? How do you measure Crip time? What does Crip time feel like? Is it even OK to say Crip?! Crip is term that has been used historically to stigmatize and oppress disabled and chronically sick people. … Continue reading

An illustration of very colourful imaginary flowers

Imaginary flowers

This one goes out to everyone with invisible illnesses, disabilities, and chronic conditions who simply aren’t going to get well soon! These flowers are not meant to wish someone ‘Get well soon’. These flowers are meant to engage and console. … Continue reading

Holding Space – zine

Holding Space, When you know how to suffer you suffer less, Bed Therapy Aphorisms, is a zine of short statements expressing a general truth or advice on how to conduct yourself. These aphorisms were taken from notes jotted down during … Continue reading

Nordic by Nature e-book in Spanish

We are delighted to announce that the e-book Nordic by Nature, New voices on deep ecology; Arne Naess in the 21st century, is in the process of being translated and released as separate PDF chapters with the collaboration of Planeta … Continue reading

Holding Space – short film

Holding Space. When you know how to suffer you suffer less is a short ten minute film about grief and chronic illness and how both processes are also accompanied by moments of gratitude and grace. “Holding space” means being physically, … Continue reading

A family visit

Holding space

Holding space means being physically, mentally, and emotionally present for someone to support them as they process their experiences and feelings. An important aspect of holding space is keeping judgment at bay, and being mindful of how you yourself respond … Continue reading

Ajay Rastogi

The Foundation for the Contemplation of Nature

We have been working closely with Ajay Rastogi and the Foundation for the Contemplation of Nature’s international network on ongoing research and conference papers into Nature-centred mindfulness as a tool for education and maintaining ‘Inner Resilience’. (Listen to episode 3 … Continue reading