An illustration of very colourful imaginary flowers

Imaginary flowers

IMAGINARY FLOWERS goes out to everyone with invisible illnesses, disabilities, and chronic conditions who simply aren’t going to “get well soon”. These flowers are meant to comfort and console.

Breathing in, I am a flower. Breathing out, I am fresh!

“The flower is made of non-flower elements. We can describe the flower as being full of everything. There is nothing that is not present in the flower. We see sunshine, we see the rain, we see clouds, we see the earth, and we also see time and space in the flower.
A flower, like everything else, is made entirely of non-flower elements. The whole cosmos has come together in order to help the flower manifest herself, The flower is full of everything except one thing: a separate self, a separate identity.

The flower cannot be by herself alone. The flower has to inter-be with the sunshine, the cloud and everything in the cosmos. If we understand being in terms of inter-being, then we are much closer to the truth. Inter-being is not being and it is not non-being. Inter-being means being empty of a separate identity, empty of a separate self.”

― Thich Nhat Hanh, No Death, No Fear

If you would like me to send some Imaginary iPad flowers, to you or a friend who isn’t always well, please send me the info and your greeting to

Response and drawing guaranteed- crip time applies.

An illustration of imaginary flowers made on an Ipad on a dark blue background.

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