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Tech Magic at Huawei

After three years of innovation, the new HONOR MAGIC mobile phone from HUAWEI was launched in China on Friday the 16th December, 2016, together with a totally new type of advanced intelligent user-centred operating system called MAGIC LIVE. The new platform is due for EU and US release in 2017.

Honor Magic AI Powered smartphone with Quad-HD display

Honor Magic AI Powered smartphone with Quad-HD display


MAGIC LIVE continuously learns about its user’s behaviour and automates tasks, so it can provide assistance in a more naturalistic and human way. The OS’ AI understands complex patterns in ‘micro and macro’ user contexts, integrating its data across phone features and boosting its own user insights with publicly available data from weather and flight schedules to events and venues, to name but a few.

The ‘magic’ is not just the predictive tech, but how it has been integrated across functionalities in the system. Most importantly, the intelligence is embedded in the handset. It only shares relevant information with its owner – the phone recognises its owner and keeps the data safe within the physical boundaries of the handset. FaceCode Intelligent Recognition protects your privacy as the phone authenticates your face when you pick it up! 


The handset hardware is highly tactile and evocative. The design evokes the surface tension of water — it has an ultra slim metal frame that allows for a large three dimensionally arched screen, to fully immerse the user with the phone’s content. All connector interfaces (ear phone jack, USB-C and SIM) are carefully assigned to the metal block at the bottom of the phone.




Print design for Diana Orving textile, Winter 2011

The Wow Factor in Visual Design

Sandu Publishing House have released a book that features our very own Johan Hjerpe, concept developer, art director and partner at Imaginary Life. In parallel with commercial brand strategy and design work, Johan is highly active within the cultural field, driving projects as diverse as designing prints and textiles for fashion, set design, magazine art direction, graphic design and concept development for various art and fashion projects.
Entitled ‘Designers Universe – the Wow Factor’, the book is a fascinating, if not somewhat random collection of design that you will have seen in the latest blogs, crossing graphic design, illustration, fashion, set design and motion graphics. Described by Sandu as a book spotlighting “59 professional designers who shine within the field,” each designer, coming from different corners of the world, has a couple of spreads showcasing recent work with short Q&A’s on what makes them tick.

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Chinese Newspapers report on Swedish Design

The articles surrounding the Shenzhen Industrial Design Conference go something like this:
“Sweden: Design for Better Business
Sweden is the first country to become industrialized in Scandinavia and also the earliest country to develop the industrial design movement. IKEA and VOLVO have been icons in people’s minds, standing for Swedish design.
The Swedish designers coming this time are well prepared, not only for the signing ceremony, but also for holding presentations sharing their experience in furniture design, interior design, industry design and other types of design.”

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The power of X: A collaborative process 协作过程

“If you are committed to serve, there is always endless opportunity.”

Here are some notes we used in China on turning risk into value.

The reality: Resources- both material and human – come at an increasing cost. Which makes business more and more risky – financially, environmentally, and socially. At the same time, customers are going “back to basics”. They are claiming the service, that has been stripped away by mass production. Once again they are demanding value in exchange for buying a product. Consequently, two different economies are emerging. The thriving and the struggling.

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As Lao Tse might have said: The door is there, use it!

A shared brand vision for better business?

A shared brand vision for better business.

Successful global companies know who they are first and foremost. They have a 2020 vision, and a roadmap of how to get there. A clearly defined 2020 brand vision will help your business rise above product category, economic downturn and consumer trends. Successful companies can survive change because they are designing change. This means asking the right questions at the right time: How do you want to serve people and society? What are the needs of the people who make up your business?

成功的全球化企业首先要有自知之明。他们有着2020年的视野,对于如何达到目标了然于胸。 一个定义清晰的2020品牌视野将会帮助提升你的生意,超越产品类别,走出低迷的经济和萧条的消费趋势。成功的企业之所以能在变化莫测的世界中存活下来是因为就是他们在设计着这些变化。这意味着要在正确的时间问正确的问题:你想如何服务于人们和社会?你的顾客有什么需求?

At Imaginary Life, we see brands as partnership platforms. Branding engages people in a shared vision; people at the company, partners in the value chain, end consumers, and even competitors. Imaginary Life designs global communications platforms for people to engage in and share your company’s brand vision.

在Imaginary Life, 我们将品牌视为合作平台。设计品牌将所有的人融合到了一个共同视野之中;企业员工,在价值链上的合作伙伴,终端的消费者,甚至是竞争对手。Imaginary Life设计全球交流平台,让人们参与其中,共享你们公司的品牌视野。

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Co-creative gold and the Power of X

We are working on a total integration process that we call the Power of X with our friends at Boy’s Don’t Cry. On the highest level, its a cross-disciplinary approach that everyone talks about, but its also a fractal model that can be easily understood and used for every meeting to extract the specialized knowledge and needs of each attendee user, that is fast to facilitate and synthesize into the overall process. It’s about asking the right questions at the right time, and reinterpreting those questions as the project becomes more informed with time. We have started to use this process on ourselves, together with our network partners such as Storylab, and are developing it even further into a user manual.

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Why imagine Internet?

Imaginary Life is a network reaching deep into the future of Internet and mobile technology. We create PR driving concepts and mutually beneficial partnership models and platforms that explore new and more sustainable ways of doing business.

Forget websites, browsers, files and computers, the life enhancing Internet is everywhere. It’s hard to listen what the technology can do though if one does not know what technology is capable of. Imaginary Life has developed a proprietary process that engages the most innovative new world techies and specialists right at the start of concept development. Our creative ideas are informed and relevant to our clients business and their end users’ needs.

We work with all types of clients, and prefer not to call ourselves a “branding” agency. As a network, all our partners share the same vision: technology, and brands, are tools for people, not vice versa, and most marketing communications is nothing more than a time-bandit: It steals our time and so it had better create some genuine value.

What most agencies miss is the understanding how technology can evolve the business strategy, product development and communications forward into the 21st century, with a new and refreshed focus on development. For us, it is exactly that process of consolidation that is ”integration” – and not pushing out the same ad message into different ”info-taining” media.

We are proud to tailor-make our work to suit every project we take on, and have an extensive international network of partners to do so. What we can do for or with you depends very much on the scope of your needs and ambitions- there is no one solution fits all. What we always do is apply human and technological intelligence creatively when and where it matters to offer the most cost efficient collaborative model possible.

If you have read this far, we owe you a lunch. Drop us a line on:

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Imagining the future

“The image, the imagined, the imaginary – these are all terms that direct us to something critical and new in global cultural processes: the imagination as a social practice. The imagination is now central to all forms of agency, is itself a social fact, and is the key component of the new global order”

Arjun Appadurai, 2008. Social-cultural anthropologist focusing on modernity and globalization.

Imaginary Life was named after a neon hypermarket in Osaka, Japan, “Better Life” circa 1988. It began its life as a collaborative platform crossing the cultural fields of art, design, film, music, theatre and beyond. Today, we are an international network of professionals with headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden. All our members share the right balance of experience, curiosity and conviction to change the world for the better. For us, it is an exciting time to be alive – the power to implement change is here.

Imaginary Life is a company’s strategic creative spider in the web. Over years of working with all aspects of brand development, with clients such as Electrolux, Iittala, Nokia, Sweden as a Nation Brand, Preem, and Yale, we have evolved a tried and tested fast-track method for innovation. We apply consumer insights, risk management and creative strategy to prototype integrated future scenarios.

With a holistic view of individual and societal development, we work closely with client partners who have equally high ambitions to evolve sustainable and meaningful business opportunities.