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How to dream together

Everything begins with a vision, a dream. "What is now proved, was once imagined," wrote William Blake.

Imaginary Life is not an organisation -- it is a just a dream, a way of dreaming together.

Imaginary Life was founded in the nineties, in Osaka, Japan. It was named after a neon hypermarket sign 'Better Life. During this time, a group of people collaborated with each other. They created different types of platforms for others to do the same. Imaginary Life became a makeshift entity; a series of collaborative events, and a "lo-fi, no-skills" approach to rapidly applied, co-creative, critical thinking.

Since then, Imaginary Life has been a meeting point for all types of creative professionals to work together & imagine the future.

By engaging Imaginary Life from the outset of a project, you hire passionate individuals who bring structure, relevance and creative flair to your existing efforts, as well as a refreshed view of your potential as an organisation.

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