Mama’s story

Mama’s story is a family history and family tree, a collection of stories and memories that drift in and out of ther personal and collective, the factual and the mythical or supernatural, the real and the imaginary. It is currently in the form of small self-published book and a  documentary film script in development, based on interviews with the film-maker’s mother about her family history and family photos.

Mama’s story traces 6 generations of women, and includes a migration from the Chinese mainland to Malaya, under British occupation and the turmoil of the second world war and the post war British occupation.

The story describes how two women, the maternal and paternal grandmothers, of a family with Hakka origin, left China to build a life abroad.

The Hakka people are a subgroup of the Han people in China, and have many subsequent groups themselves as they are known as a Nomadic people who have made their world their home.

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