Faxes was an ongoing project playing with communications technology, and started in the early nineties as a sister project to stickers. Anonymous faxes were sent to corporations anonymously every Friday afternoon to encourage people to stop working.

The fax numbers were received from friends working in these places. The friends acted as ‘spies’ and would report back on the reactions of the people in the office. Slowly as the weeks went by, people would gather around the fax machine to wait for the mysterious fax to arrive.

Image of an A4 paper that was faxed. It has an image of a Hamburger store with the sign LOVE and a long text story.

A collection of faxes were shown under the artist’s pseudonym Imaginary Life at one of the first Osaka Art Biennale-type exhibitions at Osaka Museum (Cannot remember actual exhibition name). Some of the companies that were targeted in the original round of Faxes included Mitsubishi, Sharp, and Siemens.

The faxes included a collage of embroidery, poetry, ink drawings, photographs and photocopies of the stickers with questions and a hotmail address.

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