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Tech Magic at Huawei

After three years of innovation, the new HONOR MAGIC mobile phone from HUAWEI was launched in China on Friday the 16th December, 2016, together with a totally new type of advanced intelligent user-centred operating system called MAGIC LIVE. The new platform is due for EU and US release in 2017.

Honor Magic AI Powered smartphone with Quad-HD display

Honor Magic AI Powered smartphone with Quad-HD display


MAGIC LIVE continuously learns about its user’s behaviour and automates tasks, so it can provide assistance in a more naturalistic and human way. The OS’ AI understands complex patterns in ‘micro and macro’ user contexts, integrating its data across phone features and boosting its own user insights with publicly available data from weather and flight schedules to events and venues, to name but a few.

The ‘magic’ is not just the predictive tech, but how it has been integrated across functionalities in the system. Most importantly, the intelligence is embedded in the handset. It only shares relevant information with its owner – the phone recognises its owner and keeps the data safe within the physical boundaries of the handset. FaceCode Intelligent Recognition protects your privacy as the phone authenticates your face when you pick it up! 


The handset hardware is highly tactile and evocative. The design evokes the surface tension of water — it has an ultra slim metal frame that allows for a large three dimensionally arched screen, to fully immerse the user with the phone’s content. All connector interfaces (ear phone jack, USB-C and SIM) are carefully assigned to the metal block at the bottom of the phone.




Urbanflow Helsinki

Urbanflow envisions a new interface and operating system for cities. Urbanflow creates a more efficient, transparent relationship between city administrators and citizens – via real time data. Urban screens show locally-oriented and general purpose data in easy to use interfaces that help with all sorts of everyday activities from finding your way to getting info on energy, weather, traffic, public transport, and more. Citizens can also report anything from an event to a pothole in the city. The same urban screen shows contextual, hyperlocal information as well as broader, citywide content, allowing users to peek around walls and across the city. For officials and administrators this means making the city more transparent and efficient to manage through immediate feedback from the city’s residents. Watch the Urbanflow Helsinki Intro.

Nokia imagining the future

This concept allows to you to experience immersion and effortless navigation in new ways. New types of interactions involving near-to-eye displays, gaze direction tracking, 3D audio, 3D video, gesture and touch. Through these new types of social linkages people will be connected in innovative ways between the physical and digital worlds.

Mobile apps for a green army

Many eyes make light work reports the Economist today. Open Air Laboratories (OPAL) is an example of motivating and mobilizing the masses in the UK with new mobile tools designed to help the UK population study and record wildlife, and share their findings with others. If the idea works it will create a small green army of ordinary citizens who will create community environmental reports and contribute to national surveys of soil, air, water, biodiversity and climate.

Google Docs in Plain English

More Google services for Dummies videos. Not the only company trying to help you organize your digital life, but the simple how to and why videos are going viral. We particularly liked the comment on youtube: “Sam is hot!” Thanks to Lance’s blog for the tip.