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Rocket stove

Sometimes small ideas have the greatest impact!

Originally designed by Dr. Larry Winiarski and the Aprovecho Research Center, the Rocket Stove paved the way for high efficiency biomass stoves. Over 10,000 designs based on Rocket Stove principles have been introduced into over 30 developing countries on five continents.

The stove’s central element is the “Rocket Elbow,” a hollow, L-shaped shaft made of ceramic, clay or metal. The “elbow” sits within a metal or brick container and the space around the elbow filled with insulation such as pumice rock. The stove reaches temperatures above 1,100 degrees Fahrenheit, consuming most of the smoke and gases generated by the fire.

In Uganda, Apovecho is implementing a Rocket Stove suitable for the large-scale cooking needs of institutions. In Honduras, Aprovecho, Trees, Water and People, and AHDESA, are developing micro-enterprise by training artisans and vendors to build and sell Rocket Stoves.