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Living maps – LIVE Singapore!

LIVE Singapore! provides people with access to a range of useful real-time information about their city by developing an open platform for the collection, elaboration and distribution of real-time data that reflect urban activity. Giving people visual and tangible access … Continue reading

radioshenyen: interference

radioshenyen: interference april 2011 Sweden “Painting is the making of an analogy for something non-visual and incomprehensible: giving it form and bringing it within reach. And that is why good paintings are incomprehensible.” — Gerhard Richter “Adventure is a property … Continue reading

radioshenyen: another girl

feb 2011 Birmingham, UK “There is a fine line between what we like and what affects us. There is a fine line between what we can manipulate and what is close to us. There is a fine line between using … Continue reading