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Imaginary Life was founded in the nineties, in Osaka, Japan, as a makeshift entity, an idea, a series of cross-disciplinary, collaborative events, and a lo-fi, hands-on approach and process. Since then, Imaginary Life has been a meeting point for all types of creative professionals to work together.


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Nordic By Nature Publishing

Nordic By Nature is a growing network of environmental experts and platform for the creation, editing and publishing of globally relevant, cross-platform, podcast-centric content on Ecology Today.

Each episode of Nordic By Nature’s audio podcast is a spacious, mindful soundscape presenting the voices from around the globe, created for you to listen with your headphones with the support of the Nordic Ministries.

This first podcast episode ON ACTIVISM, presents the inspiring voices of peace activist Satish Kumar, Marijn Van de Geer from Extinction Rebellion, and Siti Kasim, human rights lawyer passionate about Orang Asli, the indigenous people in the Malaysian peninsula.

The second episode, ON SURVIVAL, presents the voices of culinary curator Monika Kucia, who runs a farmer’s & producers’ and hosts cultural food events in Warsaw, Poland, design leader and educator Daniel Wahl, whose book Designing Regenerative Cultures is must for anyone interested in transformative innovation and Helena Norberg-Hodge, author of Ancient Futures, a seminal work that compares the way of life in the Himalayan region of Ladakh, before and after globalisation.


In this episode ON INNER RESILIENCE, we hear four voices share how they maintain inner equilibrium. Firstly, we learn about nature-centred mindfulness practice from Ajay Rastogi, at the Foundation for the Contemplation of Nature in the Himalayan village of Majkhali in Uttarakhand, India. Then you will hear Egyptian conservationist Noor A Noor, who describes his own personal path into mindfulness – through his experiences of the 2011 Egyptian Uprising. Then Judith Schleicher explains how daily meditation has helped her with her conservation work, ever since she attended a 10-day Vipassana retreat in Peru 7 years ago. Lastly, we meet Christoph Eberhard, legal anthropologist and practitioner of the Chinese and Indian traditional arts Ta Ji Chuan, Qi Gong and Yoga. Christoph believes that dialogue is at the heart of meaningful transformation- dialogue with oneself, with others, with nature, and the beyond.

Episode 4: ON TRANSFORMATION features the voice of Swedish social entrepreneur Tomas Björkman. Tomas is a former investment banker and progressive thought leader, who is exploring how to create new spaces and places for co-creation, personal and societal transformation, and community development through conscious social development.

Nordic by Nature Podcast is an Imaginary Life AB production created with the support of the Nordic Ministries. Please help us by sharing a link to this episode with the hashtag #tracesofnorth and follow us on Instagram @nordicbynaturepodcast. We’d love to hear your thoughts on our podcast. Please email me, Tanya, on

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If you are interested in Mindfulness and Resilient Thinking, please read about Ajay Rastogi’s village homestay retreats on, and follow the Foundation for the Contemplation of Nature on Facebook, and Contemplation of Nature on Instagram.

Futurescaping Internet

Multi-media Journalism. As a corporate journalist I had the freedom to explore the future of Internet and broadband on Society, Business and Culture. I travelled and created several online TV web shows and accompanying text articles and radio shows and had my own column on the front webpage. Went on to publish articles with and write for the Interactive Institute in Sweden.

Healthcare Design

Project Strategy & Service Design. Hired by the innovation agency Veryday to project lead two major service design projects for Healthcare; the first was to define how to set up a Fasttrack system for Humanitarian health cases, and the second was to design a handling system for Complaints and Grievances, including state hospitals, clinics and private healthcare providers. Via Veryday.

Assa Abbloy & Yale

Strategy & Copy. Masterbrand strategy for Assa Abbloy and brand architecture whole portfolio. Brand platforms for technology products brands. via agency Grow. Later was engaged on the team to create the overall Design Philosophy for Yale Lock product development, purchasing, and communications.

Ericsson Design Strategy

Design Strategy, Research & Copy. The global telco provider wanted to apply it’s new brand visual identity to it’s work- beyond placing a logo on hardware products. How does a coherent design shape services and digital interfaces across all types of categories? How does this add value for their customers and drive integration and efficiency? After performing key stakeholder interviews and a gap analysis, I created an overarching design philosophy for all product categories, including a new design team equipped for problem solving and set to work across the whole organisation – and client organisations. Via agency The Brand Union.

Vodafone Now +

Strategy, Insights & Copy. Translated user behaviour data into 3 target group profiles, detailing their needs and behaviour in magazine style presentations. Including benchmark examples on service design features and interface design. Work was followed by advertising campaigns for UK. Via agency Skinny NYC.

Iittala. Against Throwawayism.

Strategy, Insights, Concepts & Copy. As creative lead strategist, insights and sole copywriter for the Iittala brand for over 3 years, Tanya worked with all aspects of brand, product and communications development, via agency Grow. Defined the Iittala design philosophy that is still in use today.

Sweden as a nation brand

Worked extensively for Visit Sweden and partnering organisations such as the Swedish Institute, Foreign Office, Invest in Sweden agency, etc. who collectively are responsible for communicating Sweden abroad, over a period of a decade. Worked on framing nation branding, from strategy to insights and communications guides. My work began with the core values for the brand, illustrated with key USP case studies. I went on to work directly leading work on a major Nation Brands Benchmark report and Global Trends insights report, also illustrated with key concepts and cases. Via Imaginary Life.

Huawei Innovation

Worked as Director of Global Insights for Strategy, Research, Insights. Exploratory work integrating brand and product design for AI platform, OS platform and multiple devices. Brand platform, positioning, , briefing teams and agency partners in Shanghai with core concept, consumer and design trends, and exploratory design work. Via Imaginary Life and alongside design agency Things To Be.

Philips Healthtech

Design Strategy, Research, Copywriting. Various strategic projects under CDO Searn carney culminated in the synthesized internal design research work into a directive Design Philosophy; leading concepts and core values that describe the benefits, aspiration and design ethos of Philips Healthtech, across all service ecosystems and products.

NordTroms Museum

Strategy, Research, Design. Created a communications platform for Nordtroms museum to convey the diverse cultural heritage of the Northern Norway. 7 content arenas for all communications strategies briefed the curator and designer for launch exhibition Light, Land and Sea, showing how nature has shaped the diverse people who lived there and their cultures.

The Foundation for the Contemplation of Nature

Strategy, Communications, Research. The Foundation for the Contemplation of Nature offers a holistic experience-based Resilient Leadership courses and workshops. Our headquarters is in a village at the foothills of the Himalayas, Uttrakhand, India.

Absolut Tracks

Strategy, Insights & Communications. Stockholm based agency Strobe created and worked on a 3 year multi-media global communications platform that brought Absolut into music after 20 years of art and fashion, directing a number of partnering agencies across all media under Global Communications Director Micke Persson.

The Absolut Tracks Global communications platform released unique audio and music video portraits of the brand’s core values and iconic bottle through the music world, gaining credibility and using Internet to get unique tracks and vinyls to dance floors, venues and radio stations across the world. Creative Director Jonas Hallberg. Copywriting and Concepts, Tanya Kim Grassley, Film Gregory Brown.



Nokia, Connecting People for Good

Strategy, Insights & Communications. Heroes TV show creator Tim Kring and partner The Company P needed to bring their multi-platform gaming concept for Nokia to a wider audience than ARG gamers. The Imaginary Life team created a target group engagement and partnership strategy to launch a live role play game through interest-based communities and use ‘Musicians for Good’ etc. as a core idea to engage support partnering charities through the game in a ‘Conspiracy for Good’.